Ready-Time Adherence per Day report

This report shows in detail how well the agents adhere to their schedule during a day. Use the report to view the ready-time adherence for a whole team or group, agent by agent and interval by interval for a selected day. You can select several agents at a time but only one day. Use the Ready-Time Adherence per Agent report to show the ready-time adherence for one agent for a longer period.

The Ready-time adherence per day report answers questions like:

  • What was the adherence percentage for my team yesterday?

NOTE   The Ready-time adherence per day report uses ready-time adherence. It is calculated on interval level and will not completely match the more detailed historical adherence shown in the Adherence tool and the Adherence per Agent report. See About ready-time adherence for more information on how the adherence percentage is calculated.

The report presents the following information.

  • The average Ready-time adherence percentage for each agent.
  • The total deviation in minutes for each agent.
  • The agents’ shifts, where the colors indicate the schedule activities. A striped interval within a shift indicates that there is more than one activity within the interval, for example a 5-minute break within a 15-minute interval.
  • The numbers of minutes that the agent was ready or in a call, for each interval. If it shows 0, no ready time is registered for this interval. If it is blank, there is no data at all for this interval.

NOTE   If there is a schedule gap (in other words, an interval where there is no scheduled activity, such as between the regular shift and the start of overtime) the number of minutes in ready time does not display if the agent is in ready time during the non-scheduled portion.

  • The average adherence percentage and the total deviation in minutes, summarized for all selected agents.

Ensure to select the ready-time adherence calculation you want to use on the report selection page, as it affects the values shown in the report. Any ready time within two hours before and after the shift is shown in the report, regardless of which adherence calculation that is selected.

Deviation and Ready time are presented in minutes, but the Ready-time adherence percentage is calculated in seconds. Therefore, even if it looks like you have a perfect adherence for each interval, the ready-time adherence percentage for the day can be for example 99,8% since the minute values are rounded.

The data in this report is presented on the shift start date. For example, if the shift starts on Monday at 10:00 PM and ends on Tuesday at 6:00 AM, all intervals of the shift are presented in the Monday report.

Use the Not defined option in the team and agent selection to show logged data which is not connected to any agent and team.

NOTE   This report collects data from different data sources. Because of this, the values in the report might be incorrect for the most recent intervals when you run the report for today.

Page location

WFM > Reports > Ready-time adherence per day

Fields in this report

Field Description
Ready time

The total time when the agents are logged in on the ACD platform and are in one of the ready states. The ready states are for example when they are ready to take a call, in a call or doing after call work.

The ready time is shown for each interval in the visualization of the shift. If an interval shows 0, no ready time is registered for this interval. If an interval is blank, there is no data at all for this interval.

Ready-time adherence

Ready-time adherence shows how well agents adhere to their schedule. It compares the agent's scheduled ready time to the actual ready time for each interval. There are different formulas that can be used for ready-time adherence calculation. See About ready-time adherence for more information.


The deviation is the time the agents are not ready to handle contacts when they are scheduled to be.

Calculation: Deviation = Scheduled ready time - Ready time

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