Adherence per Agent report

This report presents the daily adherence percentage for the selected agents, and details on the scheduled time and for how long the agent was in adherence, out of adherence and in neutral adherence for each day. The report also contains information on whether the agent was late for work.

The adherence information in this report is based on the same detailed adherence data that is shown in the Adherence tool. See About historical adherence for information on how the adherence percentage is calculated.

The report answers questions like:

  • What was the adherence for the agents on the team yesterday?
  • What has John's adherence looked like over the past month?
  • Has anyone in the team been late for work in the past week?

The adherence data is available in the report when the agent's shift has ended.

Up to two years of adherence data can be saved.

NOTE   Any retroactive change to an agent's schedule causes a recalculation of the adherence percentage for that day. This happens for schedule changes up to 30 days back.

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Fields in this report

Field Description
Adherence (%)

The percentage of time marked as in adherence for an agent. See About historical adherence for more information.

Calculation: Adherence % = (Total time in adherence ÷ (Total working time - Total neutral periods)) × 100

Late for work

The time that an agent is recorded as late for work. Define for which activities to track late for work in the Adherence tool.

Time in shift

The total time scheduled on all activities for an agent.

In adherence

The time marked as in adherence for an agent.

Neutral adherence

The time marked as in neutral adherence for an agent. Time in neutral adherence does not affect the adherence score.

Out of adherence

The time marked as out of adherence for an agent.

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