Forecast vs Scheduled Hours report

Use this report to see how well the schedule is designed in relation to the forecasted hours needed for each skill, with or without shrinkage included.

A low value on Relative difference and Standard deviation shows that you are scheduling according to your forecast.

The report answers questions like:

  • How well do the actual number of hours scheduled match the number of forecasted hours?
  • How efficient was my schedule compared to the forecast?

See Forecast vs Actual Workload report to compare the forecast to the actual workload.

  • The data in this report is updated once every hour for yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. For days outside of that period, the data is updated once every night.

  • If you are importing staff from external suppliers using the BPO Exchange functionality, the scheduled time per skill in this report includes the imported staff. The predicted service level is calculated based on the total scheduled time per skill, including the imported data.

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WFM > Reports > Forecast vs scheduled hours

Fields in this report

Field Description
Forecasted hours (hh:mm)

The work time required to meet the need according to the forecast. This does not consider shrinkage.

Forecasted hours incl. shrinkage (hh:mm)

The work hours and minutes required to meet the need according to the forecast, with the shrinkage taken into consideration.

Scheduled hours (hh:mm)

The scheduled hours for a skill. If the overtime activity is skill activity, it is included. It does not include time scheduled for lunch, break, meetings, and so on.

Relative difference (%)

The difference between scheduled and forecasted time as a percentage value.

Calculation: Relative difference = (Scheduled time - Forecasted time) ÷ Forecasted time

Relative difference incl. shrinkage (%) The difference between the scheduled and forecasted time, with the shrinkage taken into consideration.

Standard deviation

The standard deviation is used to indicate how much the scheduled hours value deviates from the forecasted hours value during a particular time period.

Predicted service level (PSL)

The service level percentage that can be reached based on the current forecast and schedules.

Predicted service level incl. shrinkage

The predicted service level that can be reached, with the defined shrinkage taken into consideration. The calculation is based on the current forecast and schedules.

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