WFM functionality overview

Provider WFM is designed for the modern contact center and the modern workforce. It provides tools to empower the agents to improve their work-life balance, tools to help team leaders support their teams, tools for forecasters to quickly generate accurate forecasts, and tools for resource planners to create schedules that takes both the forecasted resource need and the agents' work rules and wishes into consideration.

Click the links below to learn more about the functionality of each tool and module in Provider WFM.

WFM Web tools

  • Adherence tool
  • Forecasts tool
  • Gamification tool
  • Intraday tool
  • Meetings tool
  • MyTime tool
  • People tool
  • Permissions tool
  • WFM standard reports
  • Requests tool
  • Schedules tool
  • Shift Bidding tool
  • Staffing tool
  • WFM settings

WFM client modules

  • Budgets module
  • Forecasts module
  • Payroll Integration module
  • People module
  • Schedules module
  • Shifts module
  • Options