Create roles for access to WFM

The user's roles control the access to functionality in the system and to agents' or users' data. This guide will help you create roles which can later be assigned to the users or agents.

A role always consists of function permissions and data permissions. The function permissions define which functionality a user with the role can access. The data permissions define which data a user with the role can access.

Roles can be combined to achieve the desired access for a user. For each role you define the functionality the user can access for that data access level.

EXAMPLE   You need to set up three roles to allow an agent to see shifts for all agents on their site, to trade shifts within their own team and to see a couple of selected reports with only their own data.

IMPORTANT   All changes in Permissions are automatically and directly saved. For users of the web tools, changes to their roles take immediate effect. For users of the Windows client, changes of permissions take effect the next time they log in.

NOTE   The super administrator role will always give access to all functionality and data within WFM and this role cannot be changed. Only a user with the super administrator role can grant the super administrator role to another user.

All changes in the Permissions tool are tracked and shown in the General Audit Trail report.


  • You have the Web > Permissions permission.

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