Troubleshoot issues with AVD

Please see the official Microsoft documentation.

Provider only supports the web client/HTML5 client. If you run into problems using the Azure Virtual Desktop client, please use the web version instead. If the problems remain, please open a support ticket with Provider support.

Logged in with the wrong account

If you see a message that you do not have access or that no resources are set up for you, this means that you're already signed in with another Azure Active Directory/Office 365 account. You must use your account to access Azure Virtual Desktop.

To solve this, sign out or use an InPrivate/incognito browser window to access Azure Virtual Desktop. See Access WFM through Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD).

Keyboard input

If you are using Azure Virtual Desktop and have issues with keyboard input, for example in the date picker, enable the input method editor. Click the gear icon in Azure Virtual Desktop navigation bar to find the toggle to enable the input method editor.

NOTE   When the input method editor is enabled, you must disable the numeric lock to use the number pad to type numbers.

Copy and paste

If you are using Azure Virtual Desktop to access the admin client and you want to copy information from a local source, for example an Excel document, to a table in the Azure client, you must use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste. You must also select Ctrl+V before you start copying content from your local source.

Other issues

If you for some reason experience any problems with the WFM application, you can use the "Reset my session" button to close all open applications and reset the Azure Virtual Desktop session.

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