Shift Category per Day report

This report shows the number of shifts of a specific category that have been scheduled for a selected period. The distribution percentage is also shown.

The report answers questions like:

  • How many of each shift category were scheduled yesterday?
  • How many graveyard shifts did we have last month, by day?
  • What percentage of our shifts were at 8:00 AM last month?

The data in this report is presented on the shift start date. For example, a shift that starts on Monday at 10:00 PM and ends on Tuesday at 6:00 AM is shown in the Monday report.

The data in this report is always shown in the agents' local time zones.

Use the Not defined option in the team and agent selection to show logged data which is not connected to any agent and team.

Page location

WFM > Reports > Shift category per day

Fields in this report

Field Description
Number and percentage of shifts The number of shifts scheduled of each shift category, and the percentage scheduled of this shift category out of the total number of shifts for this day.
Totals (horizontal) The total number of shifts scheduled for this date.
Totals (vertical) The total number of shifts scheduled of that particular shift category for the selected period.

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