Improve report

Use this report to analyze the correlations between the three KPIs; ready-time adherence, service level and handling time compared to paid time. It gives a general overview of the performance of the contact center for a selected period. The report makes it possible to view data in various levels of detail, from a single interval up to weekdays and months.

The report answers questions like:

  • Are the agents working according to their schedule?
  • Are the calls answered in time, according to our goals?
  • How much “customer time” do we get for each paid hour?

Ensure to select the ready-time adherence calculation and service level calculation that you want to use on the report selection page.

Page location

WFM > Reports > Improve

Fields in this report


Field Description

Service level

The service level indicates the percentage of contacts that are handled within the defined service level threshold. Select the specific formula you want to use to calculate the service level. This makes it possible for you to define for example if you want to consider contacts abandoned within the service level threshold and if you want to include overflow in.

Ready-time adherence

Ready-time adherence shows how well agents adhere to their schedule. It compares the agent's scheduled ready time to the actual ready time for each interval. There are different formulas that can be used for ready-time adherence calculation. See About ready-time adherence for more information.

Handling time / Paid time The percentage of the scheduled paid time that is handling time.

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