Gamification Leaderboard report

Gamification can be used to select the “Agent of the month” or the “Best agent in a campaign.” The gamification leaderboard facilitates this by presenting the agents who received the highest number of gold, silver and bronze badges for the selected time period. By default, the report will show yesterday and one month back.

The report answers questions like:

  • Who received the most badges last week?
  • Which three agents received the most badges last month?

The rank on the leaderboard is calculated for the current selection of agents. It is primarily based on the number of gold badges, secondarily on the number of silver badges and thirdly on the number of bronze badges, just like in the Olympic Games. If two agents have the same number of badges on all levels, they receive the same rank.

If you belong to a team, the Gamification leaderboard by default shows your team. If you don't belong to a team, all agents that you have permissions to see are shown. Use the search function to show for example a specific team or agents working on a particular skill.

Page location

WFM > Reports > Gamification leaderboard

Fields in this report

Field Description
Rank The agent's position on the leaderboard.
Gold badges The number of gold badges the agent has received.
Silver badges The number of silver badges the agent has received.
Bronze badges The number of bronze badges the agent has received.

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