Agent Queue Statistics report

This report shows raw agent data (bound to queue) per interval. It gives you the full contact statistics for the agent, regardless of what skills they are working on. This is useful to validate the agent statistics in WFM based on the agent statistics in the ACD platform.

The reports answers questions like:

  • What were the basic stats of each queue by agent? Sort them by queue and agent so I can see a specific breakdown.
  • How many calls were answered, how many were transferred, and what was the talk time?

NOTE   This report is based on the contacts handled on the queues which are connected to the selected workloads. Contacts on other queues are not considered.

Use the Not defined option in the skill and workload selection to show logged queue data which is not connected to any skill and workload.

Use the Not defined option in the team and agent selection to show logged data which is not connected to any agent and team.

Page location

WFM > Reports > Agent queue statistics

Fields in this report

Field Description
Answered calls

The total number of answered contacts. This can include for example calls, emails, or chats, depending on the selection.

Transferred calls

Transferred calls are calls that an agent transfer to another agent or back to the queue.

Talk time

The total time agents spend talking to customers. Hold time is usually included in the talk time, but this depends on how the integration is configured.

After call work (ACW)

The total time agents have spent on a customer contact after they have finished talking to the customer.

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