Agent Metrics report

Use this report to evaluate how well the agents have performed, in relation to how they were scheduled. You can drill down to view the metrics for each selected day and for each agent.

The report answers questions like:

  • What are the basic stats for Ashley, regardless of which queue the contact came in on?
  • What are the stats for my group of agents, broken down by agent?

NOTE   This report is based on all contacts handled by the selected agents, regardless of the queue.

In the report selection page, ensure to select the ready-time adherence calculation to use.

Shifts which cross midnight are split at the midnight break. That is, schedule and ready-time adherence figures are shown for the calendar date and do not consider the shift start date.

Use the Not defined option in the team and agent selection to show logged data which is not connected to any agent and team.

Page location

WFM > Reports > Agent metrics

Fields in this report

Field Description
Scheduled ready time (hh:mm:ss)

The total time agents are scheduled on activities set as in ready time. This means that they are scheduled to be logged in and ready to handle customer contacts.

Ready time (hh:mm:ss)

The total time when the agents are logged in on the ACD platform and are in one of the ready states. The ready states are for example when they are ready to take a call, in a call or doing after call work.

Ready time / Scheduled ready time (%) The percentage of the scheduled ready time that the agent was in a ready state.
Answered calls

The total number of answered contacts. This can include for example calls, emails, or chats, depending on the selection.

Answered calls / Scheduled ready hour

The number of answered contacts per hour that the agents are scheduled to handle contacts.

Calculation: Answered calls per scheduled ready hour = Answered calls ÷ Scheduled ready time

Answered calls / Ready hour

The number of answered contacts per hour that the agents were actually ready to handle contacts.

Calculation: Answered calls per ready hour = Answered calls ÷ Ready time

Occupancy (%)

The percentage of ready time that an agent spends actively handling contacts.

Calculation: Occupancy = (Talk time + After call work time) ÷ Ready time

The percentage of ready time that an agent spends on active time. This is useful for blended channel types or when WFM is integrated to several contact center platforms for agent queue statistics.

Calculation: Occupancy = (Ready time - Idle time) ÷ Ready time

Ready-time adherence (%)

Ready-time adherence shows how well agents adhere to their schedule. It compares the agent's scheduled ready time to the actual ready time for each interval. There are different formulas that can be used for ready-time adherence calculation. See About ready-time adherence for more information.

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