Edit a skill (web Forecasts tool)

Edit the skill settings to change the name of the skill, adjust the abandon rate or the open hours, or change which queues that are connected to this skill.

If you need to adjust the shrinkage or service level targets, use the Forecasts module in the client. See Adjust skill targets for more information.

All skill changes made in the web Forecasts tool are tracked in the general audit trail.


  • You have the Web > Forecasts > Modify skill permission.
  • A skill is created.

Page location

WFM > Forecasts


View skill properties

  1. Select the Skills view.
  2. Click Details on the skill for which you want to see the properties.

    The view which opens presents all the skill properties, for example the time zone, interval length, and default shrinkage.

Edit a skill

  1. Select the Skills view.
  2. Click Edit on the skill for which you want to change properties.
  3. Change the Name if needed.
  4. Adjust the Abandon rate. This option is available for Inbound Telephony, Chat, and Retail skills.

    Abandon rate is used to forecast the number of agents needed and calculate the predicted service level. Analyze your abandon rates when the service level is reached or acceptable and enter that abandon rate for the skill. Avoid using the average abandon rate.

  5. Adjust the Open hours for the skill.

    1. Adjust the existing open hours and select for which days of the week to use these open hours.
    2. If there are days with other open hours, click Add open hours, adjust the open hours and select for which days of the week to use these open hours.

    NOTE   If the skill has additional queues with different open hours, use the Forecasts module in the client to create an additional workload.

  6. Add or remove Queues for this skill.
  7. Click Save.

Delete a skill

  1. Click Edit in the Skills view.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. A confirmation question is shown. It will look different depending on if the skill has one or more workloads.
    • If it has one workload, click Yes. This will delete both the skill and the connected workload.
    • If it has more than one workload, click Keep skill to only delete the selected workload or click Delete all to delete the skill and all its connected workloads.

Changing the handled within setting for a skill

If business requirements change, complete the following steps to edit the Handled within (days) target for a back office skill.

  1. On the Forecasts page, click the Skills tab.

  2. On the Edit skill page, click the Edit button for a skill.

  3. Edit the number for Handled within (days).

  4. Click Save.

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